Serving Justice

Sometimes love resides above the law. What happens when a prominent and successful Chicago Judge fal

 Sometimes love resides above the law. What happens when a prominent and successful Chicago Judge falls in love with her driver? Angela Jenkins decided as a child that she would become a lawyer. Fighting injustices perpetrated against those who could not or would not fight for themselves ran like passion through her veins. Growing up, Angela was taught that putting God first in her life, respecting the rights and choices of others, and working hard, were the most important things a person should strive for. While in pursuit of her law degree, Angela meets Rhonda, Theresa, and Darlene who are there reaching for the same goals. Over the next two decades, an unbreakable bond forms and friends become sisters. Angela finds the more successful she becomes, the more she begins to lose her connection with God and starts conforming more to the world, than to the word of God. When love enters her heart, she must decide if having a relationship is more important than what others, including her friends, have to say. Angela is forced to look at what's important in her life and has to choose between allowing others to shape who she is or conforming to what God wants her to be. 

The Waiting Room - It Doesn't Hurt Anymore


 Diane is a young mother of three who finds herself married to a man who is very abusive to her and their children. She lives a life of constant fear. Everything in her tells her she needs to leave her husband before its too late. Unfortunately, when she finally get up the courage to leave, will it be too late?

The Waiting Room - Dear Mama


 What happens when fourteen year old high school freshman Brianna becomes homeless? How will she handle the mounting pressure caused by the death of her beloved grandparents? Journey into the life of this homeless teen who loses it all. How will she handle not only the loss of her home, but an all out assault on everything she thought she could depend on? Jacqueline D. Moore continues The Waiting Room series with this riveting tale.

The Waiting Room - Little Girl Lost


Denise is a middle-aged drug addict who Have you opened a new location, redesigned your shop, or added a new product or service? Don't keep it to yourself, let folks know.shares with us her compelling story of getting hooked on drugs as a promising athlete and college student. Over the next twenty years her life unravels and spirals out of control and she finds herself living in a nightmare she can't seem to wake up from. She will lose everyone and everything she loves, including her own life as she chases the elusive high of crack cocaine.

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 Beverly was once a woman who had it all. Loving parents, a great home, a great job and a loving and caring daughter. Then one day, it was all gone. Everything that comprised her world was taken away and she found herself all alone and with nothing. Even when there seems to be nothing left to take, she loses even more. How does she cope with the devastating loss of family, home and dignity? How much more will she be forced to sacrifice?

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 They call us the scum of the earth and say they need to clean up the streets and get rid of us all...

They call us animals and tell us not to bite...

They call us hoodlums and hood-rats and want us exterminated...

They ask where is our humanity....

They forgot. They took it from us...



Serving Justice


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