Author Jacqueline D. Moore

Author Jacqueline D. Moore

Author Jacqueline D. MooreAuthor Jacqueline D. MooreAuthor Jacqueline D. Moore

Author Jacqueline D. Moore


I am a Christian author who uses the power of my God-given ability to transform lives with words.

There's much to see here. So, take your time, look around. Then make sure to drop me a line. 


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The Waiting Room Book Series


Don't have the time or patience for a full length novel?  Try one of my short stories.  All are available as e-books on Amazon.

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Chains of Deception


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Renee was a woman who seemed to have it all; a wonderful husband, loving family, wonderful church family, great job and the house of her dreams. She and her husband have a very loving relationship. From the outside, Renee's world gives the appearance of perfection. That is until a mysterious new broker begins working at the same firm with Renee. He is very charismatic and there is definite sexual tension between him and Renee. He will become the catalyst for Renee's voyage into a world of addiction. Regina and Joseph Michaels are Renee's doting parents. They know the truth behind the veil of lies that Renee has created for her survival. Aunt Lucinda is not only Renee's shelter in the storm; she holds the secrets of the past in her memories. She is who Renee turns to when her life starts to unravel; she will become the balm that allows her to begin to heal from the wounds of her present and her past. Chains of Deception will take you on a journey of family secrets, betrayal, lust and lies. Generational curses and soul ties abound in this story of learning to heal from the wounds of our past and learning to forgive others as well as ourselves for the mistakes of our present.

Chains of Deception

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